About us

Antonys Care was founded in 2018 and is based in Kavala. The love of founder Anthony Moukos for the nature and natural products so generously provided by the Greek land was the motivation for its foundation. At the Antonys Care store you will find unique series of natural cosmetics based on sophisticated ingredients of vegetable oils, extracts and natural vitamins which ensure complete and effective coverage of the needs of facial, body and hair care. All cosmetics are absolutely natural and scientifically tested. Many of the herbal ingredients used are from certified organic crops, while their active ingredients are covered by specific studies that confirm their efficacy. Since spring 2019 we have created our online store naturecare.gr in order to make our products available to a wider audience.

Our products

Handmade soaps

Large variety of handmade soaps in different colors and fragrances based on extra virgin olive oil, the wild herbs, fruits and oils of the Greek land. The passion and imagination of their creators has placed them in the highest consumer preferences:

- No chemical additives, foaming agents, artificial colors and perfumes

- Dermatologically tested and approved for even the most sensitive skin

- Organic raw materials are used

- A means of preventing skin sensitivities caused by chronic use of industrial cosmetics

- High aesthetics and uniqueness with its handmade packaging, ideal for high quality and aesthetic gifts

Cold Pressed Moisturizing Oils

The cold pressing process ensures that the nutrients remain unchanged. Without impurities, no chemicals in their production 100% organic, 100% Greek.

Cannabis products (cosmetics and edible)

Cannabis oil is used in cosmetics to create a range of products for face, body and hair. In botanical literature, cannabis due to omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is used for greater elasticity and tightening of the skin. The seed extract also contains vitamin E which neutralizes free radical formation while the effect of cannabis is increased when combined with other plants by stimulating collagen production. In addition, cannabis oil contains essential acids with anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, contributing to the treatment and prevention of skin diseases such as eczema. Various scientific publications support use on dry skin, psoriasis and dryness while reducing irritation and scarring. It is a product that the skin absorbs quickly and unlike other types of oils it is not sticky to the touch and leaves no traces of greasyness. It is relaxing, refreshing and nutritious.

Edible cannabis is a very good source and full of high biological value of protein (it contains all the essential amino acids).

- Suitable for vegetarians

- Free gluten

- Easy to digest, causing less bloating

- High in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids

- Rich in fiber

- Appropriate for people with diabetes

Biological olive oil

Edible extra virgin organic cold pressed olive oil, mixed with excellent herbs and spices of Greek land.

Aromatic candles

The Greek company Waks who persuaded the Greeks that candles are not a luxury but everyday joy. High-quality and design candles with respect to customer's aesthetics and health. Certified materials, free of impurities and environmentally friendly methods. The correct raw materials ensure the slow burning process. Their wick is 100% cotton.

Also in collaboration with the artist Christina Morais exceptional creations for gifts of high aesthetics.


We work with the following companies whose products are available in both our physical and electronic brands:

venus secrets (creams-perfumes)

apollo secret (creams-perfumes)

blue scents (perfumes)

snob duck (soaps)

amygdalea (pomegranate oil, almond oil)

waks (fragrances, candles)

olis (soaps, spatula, eyeshine, lip balum, edible olive oil with herbs)

kannabio (cannabis products)

spangean (bath sponge)

sea sponge (bath sponges)